Hardcore!, XXI century eugenics, and more: THE WEEKLY RECAP (2022#46)

Amazing time in Spain this week. Lots of good food, getting to know a cute little baby, and meeting old friends and family. Really looking forward to visit back soon! On the stuff happening around the globe, not many news: Twitter keeps imploding (maybe even faster now), the environmental crysis keeps getting relegated, and another proof that we should erradicate rich people. Let’s start:


Seems like Musk is doing an ANY%SPEEDRUN on destroying Twitter. And he might achive a world record at this pace. This week he gave a big ultimatum to the people still at the company: commit to an extremely hardcore (sic) working environment (working long hours + putting up with the nonsensical shit he comes up with) or leave. And it seems that many chose to leave. While it is still too soon to know the details, the rumours this morning were that up to 75% of the remaining people at Twitter gave Elon the 🖕

Twitter no longer has a communications department to contact for comment.

ALEX HEATH and MIA SATO @ https://www.theverge.com/2022/11/17/23465274/hundreds-of-twitter-employees-resign-from-elon-musk-hardcore-deadline
Musk issues ultimatum to staff: Commit to ‘hardcore’ Twitter or take severance, on The Washington Post
Hundreds of employees say no to being part of Elon Musk’s ‘extremely hardcore’ Twitter, on The Verge
Elon Musk: Twitter locks staff out of offices until next week, on BBC
Twitter ‘closes offices’ after Elon Musk’s loyalty oath sparks wave of resignations, on The Guardian

«we could set the future of our species.»

Oh boy, I am going to miss a lot of interesting stories when Twitter finally falls. Amazing article on how rich people are reinventing eugenics with a twist and proclaiming themselves as the future saviours of the human race.
It always seemed to me that all of these theories/philosophies (I do not even like using the term philosophy here) are just a way for rich people to justify being shit with the rest of the population and the planet. Instead of solving current problems, these worldviews tend to assume that humans will destroy the environment no matter what, and they focus on the survival of a few (the elite, which its followers believe they belong to) at the cost of many (the expendables). Probably the best examples of this way of thinking are many Sillicon Valley millionaires. They could be fighting poverty, world hunger, or climate change. Instead, some are building rockets to escape from a dying planet (with millionaire public subsidies, by the way). They are also pouring billions on anti-aging and brain-machine interfaces as a way to evade death or, as in this article, planning world domination by having 11 children. While they cite Gattaca in a positive manner (another example of techies watching science fiction movies and missing the point), the whole thing reminded me of Foundation and the centruy-long plans driven by psychohistory. Have you ever heard of chaos theory, buddy?

Billionaires like Elon Musk want to save civilization by having tons of genetically superior kids. Inside the movement to take ‘control of human evolution.’, on Business Insider

Blah blah blah

Another year, another COP meeting, another missed opportunity. You know the proposals are going to be irrelevant when some of the most polluting countries do not even attend the meeting. We have also seen war in Ukraine being used as an excuse to increase the spending of coal, gas, petrol, and even nuclear energy around the world. The 1.5ºC goal is dead.

Why this year’s UN climate conference is all about the money, on the MIT technology review
First draft of Cop27 text: what it says and what it means, on The Guardian

List season is coming!

The end of the year is close, and with it the whole internet (me included) starts with the craze of ‘best of’ lists. Lots of cool stuff on this one, with one graphic novel I did not know about from Neil Gaiman. I am also very interested in Living and Dying in America, by Steve Brodner. And of course, anything coming from Alex Ross is always a pleasure to look at.

The 10 best graphic novels of 2022, on The Washington Post

And that’s it for the week. Stay safe!
Not listening: Elènne – Screwed
Featured image: Fantastic Four, by Alex Ross

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