Ig Nobels, cockatoos at war, and more: THE WEEKLY RECAP (2022#37)

Lots and lots of interesting things this week. We keep watching AI’s evolve, more and more people start realising tech gurus tend to lie a lot, an interesting fight between humans and birds? Ethereum is reducing energy consumption 99.9%, the IG Nobels, and another reason for going green that might finally convince deniers. Let’s start:…More

Ig Nobels, crypto Salvador, and more: THE WEEKLY RECAP (2021#36)

Another week, another batch of cool news. Let’s start. 2021 Ig Nobels are here And there is a lot of curious stuff going on! I particularly liked the Economics, Chemistry, and Physics prizes, because they hold interesting science behind the shocking titles. I hope this is the last year they have to do the ceremony…More

The weekly recap (2021#19)

Busy week, but somehow I managed to find some cool stuff to share. Let’s start: Apple vs Epic, the trial that keeps on giving I am getting low on popcorn reserves. Lots of documents and insights on how both companies operate. I particularly enjoyed seeing how much money Epic paid for its exclusives (I am…More