A drop in the ocean, crypto colonialism, and more: THE WEEKLY RECAP (2022#16)

Slow week (holidays), but still managed to read some cool stuff. Let’s start:

1-hour delivery! To your door! At no additional cost!

Not much to say, honestly. Apparently, getting to 55$ billion in sales by using cheap labour and stealing from sellers it is not enough to make a profit for Amazon. Having tax havens inside the European Union is working wonders for big companies, and it does not seem to be ending soon. Meanwhile, Bezos is flying to space in a giant penis. What a time to be alive.

Amazon Europe Unit Paid No Taxes on $55 Billion Sales in 2021, on Bloomberg

The new wall is holding up — for now.

Really cool info-graphic on how the sea level is dropping on Iceland as the glaciers melt due to global warming, which at the same time causes the sea level to grow in other parts of the globe (people at the Marshall Islands are not happy at all with this). Never really thought about this effect, but it is actually a perfect example of how complex systems are interconnected and dependant on each of its individual parts. Anyway, lets get back to killing each other in stupid wars while burning coal for sending cat pics around the world.

A drop in the ocean, on CNN

Crypto colonialism

A couple interesting links this week on the wonders of web3/crypto. First, a really nice piece on how companies are going to third world countries and stealing biometric information on thousands of people in order to train machine learning models that later will be used to gain millions of dollars in the first world.

Second, one of the best videos I have seen on the madness of NFTs and their implications. While long, it makes a wonderful job on explaining the fundamentals of the system, and how people are exploiting it to grab as much money as they can. As usual, poor people have already started taking the rap on this scam.

Deception, exploited workers, and cash handouts: How Worldcoin recruited its first half a million users, on MIT technology review

And that’s it for the week. Stay safe!

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