LOTR, Cyberblinds, and more: THE WEEKLY RECAP (2022#07)

Quite a slow week on the news side, mainly waiting for ww3 to start? Anyway, work is going quite good recently, and there are a couple cool links to share. Let’s start:

Cool gamepad mods

Pretty nice mod on a playstation gamepad in order to play with just a hand. It reminded me of the Adaptive Controller from Xbox, but with the DIY flavour. Really cool to see these kind of projects that make it possible to play in so many different ways.

The Coolest Controller Mod, Hands Down, on Hackaday

Trailer season is here, and some people are already mad

Racists going made over black elves (Tolkien would be ashamed), and my boy the Sorcerer Supreme going visually over the mountains of madness. There is still hope this year we might get cool stuff for once, after all.


Since the start of consumer electronics, a pretty common problem arises when companies stop providing support to specific devices or technologies. Even though your Beta player was totally fine, the industry decided it was obsolete and you stopped being able to buy movies on that format. The same has happened in personal computers operating systems, with mobile phones, music formats, etc.

The feeling that your totally fine device is no longer useful sucks hard. You lost your initial inversion and need to buy a new device. Now, imagine the same problem but, instead of losing your movie player, you lose one of your senses. This is what happened to a bunch of people with bionic eye implants, who suddenly stop being able to «see» anything. We are living already in cyberpunk times…

Their Bionic Eyes Are Now Obsolete and Unsupported, on IEEE Spectrum

No, Theodore. I’m yours and I’m not yours

Really cool piece of tech being shown here. AI is getting closer and closer in fully replicating humans talking, which btw would have tremendous impact not only in media, but also in helping mute people recover their voice. I guess, me being a non-native english speaker, this sounds better than what it really is. I will let you judge:

Listen to an AI voice actor try and flirt with you, on the verge

Don’t be a slow poke, Mr. B. Angels don’t wait for slow pokes

Bioshock is getting a movie! Being one of my favourite video game series, this is something that frightens me: movie adaptations tend to be quite bad, and the story and atmosphere in the game seem quite hard to adapt in a film. On top of that, the movie is being produced by Netflix, which has a track record of terrible shows/films. I still like the idea of people approaching the series, as the games will always be there for them to enjoy. A million things could go wrong here, but there is still a tiny chance that they do something good I guess? I will kindly wait and see what they come up with.

Netflix is making a BioShock movie, on PCGamer
Netflix is making a live-action BioShock movie, on The Verge

Elsevier declined the Nature news team’s request for comment on this study

Apparently, if you charge +10k€ to publish your paper as Open Access, people from developing countries cannot afford the article processing charges, so they tend to publish behind paywalled journals. Who could have imagined that? Another one of the stupid effects of the current publishing model.

Open-access publishing fees deter researchers in the global south, on nature

Current mood:

And that’s it for the week. Stay safe!

Header image from Bioshock

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