Mistborn videogame? Asimov’s genius, and more: THE WEEKLY RECAP (2021#44)

Writing this from the airport, on my way back home to spend a few days with the gang! Busy week, but with cool stuff to share. Let’s start:

October’s best science images from Nature

A high resolution map of lava from the La Palma volcanic eruption flowing over land and pouring over a cliff face into the sea

Another month, another astonishing compilation of science-related pictures. While I have been following the news from La Palma, I did not really stop to watch the scale of the natural disaster. It never stops to amaze me the sheer strength of nature when I see pictures from these kind of disasters. Anyway, there are also more cheerful pictures on the batch, so go take a look.

Water bear fossil and grizzly bear selfie — October’s best science images, on nature

I am the one thing you can never kill. I am Hope.

Good news on the videogames front this week. Even though this might never see the light of day, a cool concept for a Mistborn game was released the other day. It is just a matter of time someone does a tv show or a series of movies about the universe, and of course videogames will be on the table too at some point. This looks quite cool, similar in scope to the last Spiderman videogames. It would be amazing to see what a triple A budget can do with this universe. Wait and see.

Mistborn: Ashes Project

Science in sport, and how Nike is doing it

Really interesting article on techcrunch on how Nike is building bridges between the tech/science world and athletes. Decades ago, you just wore some shoes that were made thinking about the ‘standard’ foot (whatever that means). Nowadays, scientists measure how often your feet touch the ground, how much force you generate when running, how the weight is distributed at each foot, etc. By doing this, it is possible to design footwear which is not only comfortable, but also boosts your performance.

I had previously seen these kind of studies mainly in the swimming world, where you can record swimmers movements and track the water resistance to improve their technique. You can also see the turbulences they generate and try to correct them by using different materials and/or swimsuit designs. However, it is always cool to see these ideas applied at different sports such as basketball. Anyway, it was a cool read with some insights on the field of biomechanics.

How Nike innovates for everyday athletes, on techcrunch

Asimov’s genius

I’ve been forcing myself to watch the new Foundation tv show in order to chat a bit about it on the podcast. The show is quite terrible: basically a Star Wars rip-off , but with a lot of budget so it looks visually appealing. Death Star? Check. Dead people coming back as holograms? Check. People with magical powers? Check. Cloned emperors? Check. Random storylines that have nothing to do with the main story? Check check check.

Anyway, at some point I was thinking: why did they buy the rights to do a Foundation show and throw the source material down the drain? Asimov was a genius, and Foundation is a very cool saga, much better than anything coming from Hollywood today. Then, just by coincidence, I saw this post on Open Culture with an old interview on The David Letterman Show. Funny as hell, but also delivering prediction after prediction (he predicted Twitch in 1980 btw).

I would love if people started doing original shows and stopped destroying beloved classics. I guess this will never happen. Hopefully you can always ignore that rubbish and go back to the source material.

Isaac Asimov Predicts the Future on The David Letterman Show (1980), on openculture

First gameplay of Elden Ring is here, and it looks dope

You can see the Dark Souls bits, the Sekiro vibes, some Bloodborne here and there, and of course some Zelda: Breath of the Wild. February 25th is almost there, and I can feel the hype already.

And that’s it for the week. Stay safe!

Featured image from Raul Rosell

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