Drake’s legacy, old clams, and more: THE WEEKLY RECAP (2022#38)

This week we have an impressive application of fiber optics sensors, the story of Frank Drake, a cool interview with Martin Rees, more stories on the development and implications of AI, and some troublesome news about twitch. Let’s start: Whales, turtles, and an old clam A couple cool articles and a sad curiosity this week.…More

AI artists, postdoc scarcity, and more: THE WEEKLY RECAP (2022#35)

Back to the routine, and even though the return has been a bit hard, I still had the energy to read some interesting stuff. This week we have some links on the effects of AI art generation and surveillance, and a few examples on how rotten the academic world is (but also some measurements that…More

The weekly recap (2021#15)

Crazy things happening in the world this week. The header image of this post (well, the one in the header is a copy) was sold for $1.36 million. This NFT stuff still goes over my head, but seems like is something that will stick around, whether it really makes sense to burn energy this way……More