James Webb bandwidth, copyright claims, and more: THE WEEKLY RECAP (2022#28)

Long week, almost no time to read. Still, a few interesting articles to share. Let’s start:

Long live Lofi Girl

At some point this week I remember watching a video on my Youtube subscription feed that was +20k hours long. It was the Lofi Girl stream, which only emits live, but the stream ended after some nonsense copyright claims. While the channel is live again, this shows how fucked up Youtube copyright system is, and Google has been delaying taking any measure to fix it for years now. Basically, anyone can report your content and it is automatically shut down without any person actually reviewing the copyright claim. Then, if you want to get the video back on the platform, you have to fight a long and tedious battle, without any certainty about the output of the procedure. Multiple people have seen how their videos, filmed by themselves, and with music composed by then, have been claimed and never got back online.

Lofi Girl is back online after ‘abusive’ copyright strikes, on The Verge
YouTube ends Lofi Girl’s two-year-long music stream over bogus DMCA warning, on TechCrunch

Image of the year?

If not, for sure a great contender. This week we saw a bunch of amazing pictures from the James Webb Space Telescope. I just compiled a few links that not only talk about the images themselves, but also about some cool technical details of the telescope, such as how the data transmission back to Earth is managed.

There is also a small batch of images that might have gone unnoticed for some. They include incredible detailed views of Jupiter with its moons in multiple spectral bands:

The James Webb Space Telescope just delivered some incredible new images of the universe, on the MIT technology review
How the Webb sends its hundred-megapixel images a million miles back to Earth, on TechCrunch
What the James Webb Space Telescope’s first images tell us about the universe, on TechCrunch
Stunning new Webb images: baby stars, colliding galaxies and hot exoplanets, on Nature
Webb Images of Jupiter and More Now Available In Commissioning Data, on the NASA blog

Automating your life in an easy way

Last week I wrote a little bit about data scrapping, and how it was helping many scientists do cool research. Funnily, this week I just stumbled on a Python tutorial to automate several everyday internet tasks, such as reading news from a website, or getting sport results. Lots of cool tricks in the video below.

Automate Internet Life With Python, on Hackaday

Dystopian cars and where to buy them

Two news that really make a picture of the car industry nowadays. First, we have the DLC / season pass culture from videogames impregnating the car world. Nowadays, you buy a car and all the hardware is already there, but many features are paywalled by software. What bugs me out is that, if you want these extras, you will pay them twice (there is no way car companies are giving you hardware without you paying for it).

Second news is even crazier. Apparently, Hyundai pictures the near future as a place where you live, do livestreaming, do your hair, and also code inside your car. Because why not. The video is so delusional that I really have trouble understanding who greenlit it. Capitalism at its finest. What a time to be alive…

Hyundai imagines a grim future where metaverse ‘artists’ live in their cars, on The Verge
BMW starts selling heated seat subscriptions for $18 a month, on The Verge

Trailer of the week

We are coming back to the Middle-earth this year, baby:

300+ over a billion

Quite telling music list of songs in Youtube that surpassed the billion view count. PSY, Justin Biever, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Enrique Iglesias… Boy that list made me feel old.

And that’s it for the week. Stay safe!

Featured image: Carina Nebula, from the James Webb Space Telescope

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