This is Spinal Tap, the invisible killer, and more: THE WEEKLY RECAP (2022#20)

Busy week at the lab, but things are going nicely. Heat wave going strong, with temperatures around 30 ºC in Paris for the whole week (quite high for this time of the year). Still, some interesting stuff to share. Let’s go:

These go to 11

It seems like my favourite rockumentary will have a sequel (maybe on its 40th anniversary?). With the original cast, and Rob Reiner on board… this could be actually good. Crossing fingers very hard 🤟🏼

With sequel plans, Rob Reiner turns ‘Spinal Tap’ up to 11, on AP News

The art of Exercise

Really cool piece (as always) on The Marginalian (formerly Brain Pickings) on the history of exercising. From a common activity on par with studying or performing any kind of art, to a forgotten practice in periods where the idea of improving our bodies was basically a sin, and then coming back to the idea of caring about our physique as much as we do about our minds. Maria also shares a few interesting books on the topic, in case you want to delve deeper.

The Science of Working Out the Body and the Soul: How the Art of Exercise Was Born, Lost, and Rediscovered, on The Marginalian

Hold my beer, I need to take a video

Sometimes hipster start stupid trends. Sometimes stupid trends are fucking awesome. This is one of these. It is kinda hilarious to see both the camera and microphone of 3DS consoles trying to keep up with the sound levels of a concert. Kinda reminded me to the people obsessed with using the Game Boy Camera (which was kinda amazing tbh).

Bad Footage, Funny Meme: The New Trend for Recording Concerts on 3DS, on IGN

Amanita Design keeps doing it

After Happy Game, it seems that the people at Amanita go back to a happier / more cute style that reminds me of Samorost (which is a wonderful saga). Pretty interested in what they come up with.

Phonopolis – Announcement Teaser Trailer, on Youtube

The invisible killer

For the past few years, humanity has burnt tonnes of coal mining bitcoins and selling .jpg files. At the same time, more than 15% of people who died did it due to environmental causes. And things are going to get even worse in the near future. While the richest guys on Earth are planning to «solve» space travel or buying social networks to control public debate, the rest of the population prematurely dies due to society ignoring climate change and the environment.

Pollution killed 9 million people worldwide in 2019 alone, on New Scientist

And that’s it for the week. Stay safe!

Featured image: Villa Romana del Casale mosaic

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