A nice r/place, AlphaFold’s future, and more: THE WEEKLY RECAP (2022#15)

Back to Spain for a break, hungry for good food and some sun. Also a good time to see the folks, as the pandemic seems to be quite controlled around. Anyway, there has been quite a lot of interesting stuff, so let’s get to it:

Welcome back to the 2000’s

This was quite cool, and reminded me of the first years I spent on the internet. On April fools, r/place generated a white canvas where any user could paint a single pixel every 6 minutes. Full communities coordinated to generate pixel art, and even some fights between different subreddits took place (France vs Spain was actually quite big almost at the end). Anyway, you can take a look at the full timeline of the canvas here, and its final state here.

Meet the creators of the r/place Atlas, the internet’s living mural, on Polygon

The MIT recap

Actually cool to see that I am not the only one who thinks that doing this kind of stuff is cool. The people at the MIT tech posted and example of their weekly newsletter, and they cover some interesting topics: metaverse, AI, social media, and more. You might consider subscribing (it is free, after all).

The Download April 12, 2022: The future of money, and restyling the metaverse, on the MIT Technology review

The biology revolution is real

Some time ago it might have seemed that AI was hyped, and some of its potential uses were seen as optimistic at best. However, nowadays a shift has totally completed, and people are starting to catch with the ideas and possibilities that the technology brings. The people at Nature wrote a nice piece on the AlphaFold software, which allows to predict how complex proteins fold (and thus provide insight on how they function). Super hot topic nowadays, and probably one of the biggest sources of good surprises in science in the next decade.

What’s next for AlphaFold and the AI protein-folding revolution, on Nature


Russia keeps killing civilians and losing territories in the north, and Europe keeps financing terror by buying oil and gas. This week I read a bit about the siege of Mauripol and how the fight has been developing.

Ukraine war in maps: Tracking the Russian invasion, on BBC News
Russia tightens its grip on Mariupol, on The New York Times
Russian warship sinks; Ukraine says its missile is responsible, on Reuters

Look behind you!

We are coming back to the best island on the planet (and Devolver is involved!!!) and I can’t wait to get there. This year is being amazing in the video game front.



Out of the blue, Musk tried to take control over Twitter. Internet went crazy, and we still do not know how the thing will end. I particularly do not like the idea of one of the biggest public squares in the world to be owned by a rich sociopath (and some of the shareholders seem to agree with that view), but it seems that many would love to see it happening (after all, Elon has a big cult behind). Let’s see how the story unfolds.

Elon Musk Makes $43 Billion Unsolicited Bid to Take Twitter Private, on Bloomberg
Twitter Adopts ‘Poison Pill’ to Ward Off Musk Takeover, on Bloomberg

And that’s it for the week. Stay safe!

Featured image from Return to Monkey Island

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