Lost ships, the eye of Sauron, and more: THE WEEKLY RECAP (2022#14)

Full week at a conference, so basically no news/links on my side. However, going back to meet people face to face was amazing. Super cool talks, nice food, and my body clearly saying to me that I am not used to being far from home for a full week anymore.

Nature’s images of the month. March’22 edition

A 107 year-old sunk ship that stayed in extremely good condition, a «musical visualisation» of the discovery of exoplanets, and the plume of dust from the Sahara desert that made a mess of my throat in Paris. And even more cool stuff. Go take a look.

Nano skyscrapers and a long-lost ship — March’s best science images, on Nature

Contender #1 for the headline of the year award

BEEB BOOP, I AM A ROBOT. I AM A MAGNETIC TURD ROBOT. Jokes aside, it could actually be super useful when fully developed.

‘Magnetic turd’: scientists invent moving slime that could be used in human digestive systems, on The Guardian

Missing the point

Apparently, if you are a sociopath, you think that people calling you «the eye of Sauron» is actually a nice thing. God I cannot wait for the moment he gets kicked out of Facebook forever. Anyway, it is always interesting to hear people with some much influence talking in a relaxed way, as you can infer a lot about the next bullshit move they will carry out.

Mark Zuckerberg Says Meta Employees “Lovingly” Refer to Him as “The Eye of Sauron”, on Consequence

War crime after war crime

This week we have seen clear proof that Russia has been carrying out horror after horror for more than a month now. Meanwhile, the Germans say that stopping buying fuel from Russia would damage their economy, and so they keep financing the terror that kills Ukrainians every day. I would love to see the opinion of the Greeks, who where abused by Germany measures during the last financial crisis (~2007 onwards) and have not been recovered yet.

War Crimes Watch: A Devastating Walk Through the Horrors of Bucha, Ukraine, on PBS
Missile kills at least 52 at crowded Ukrainian train station, on AP News
Germany resists EU ban on Russian gas as bloc prepares new sanctions, on Reuters

And that’s it for the week. Stay safe!

Featured image from the Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust / National Geographic

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