The world is on fire, Tolkien drawings, and more: THE WEEKLY RECAP (2022#12)

This week we had the best weather so far this year in Paris, and my allergies are still over the roof. On the conflict, Ukraine is still resisting the invasion. I’ve found a bunch of cool articles about the climate, a bit of super cool science, and some art from an old acquaintance. Let’s start:

Lenny Bruce is not afraid

Lots of interesting stuff regarding climate change and how we are all doomed because we are insensitive fucks that could not care less about the planet we live in. Both poles had extreme heat waves (above 40ºC) at the same time, for the first time we found micro plastic in totally healthy humans, and a very nice read on how we could end all of this if we really wanted, but we are putting the problem under the carpet for future generations to solve (which, by looking at the current birth rates, is a quite optimistic scenario).

In a World on Fire, Stop Burning Things, on The New Yorker
Microplastics found in human blood for first time, on The Guardian
Hot poles: Antarctica, Arctic 70 and 50 degrees above normal, on AP News

Reading your thoughs

While I usually write here in a little pessimistic tone about the world (see above), there are still some aspects of humanity that always bring me hope. Science is one of those, and this is a wonderful example: how to make fully paralysed people communicate with their beloved ones by using brain implants. Being able to express love to your family (or to ask for Tool music) while you suffer such a sickness is something that people could not imagine happening just a few years ago.

The article on Science also discusses several relevant points about the morals and possible caveats of this kind of research, which I found particularly interesting.

In a first, brain implant lets man with complete paralysis spell out thoughts: ‘I love my cool son.’, on Science
Spelling interface using intracortical signals in a completely locked-in patient enabled via auditory neurofeedback training, on Nature Communications

Escape from the office (unless you work for us)

I am pretty sure someone working in marketing at Apple is the biggest troll on the planet. In case some of you did not notice, there has been a strong internal debate on remote working and flexibility since the beginning of the pandemic. In fact, Apple pushed for coming back to the office last year, with a strong backlash and internal complaints. People do not want to come back to living in highly populated areas, paying ridiculous amounts of money for rent and spending hours commuting each day. However, this clearly confronts with Apple building dystopian multi-billion facilities for its employees to work in (with cafes and gyms, but without daycare). At the same time all of this is happening, they just released an 8 minute commercial where the main plot is how you can avoid working on a conventional office by using their products. Bravo.

Apple employees push back against returning to the office in internal letter, on the verge
Apple CEO Tim Cook tells employees the return to offices will begin on April 11th, on the verge

War never ends

Ukraine has been fighting back in the south of the country, and Russia started saying that they will focus on the eastern front. Does this mean that they cannot take Kiev without extreme loses, or are we going to see a conflict that will extend for months (or years)? At the same time, NATO has been deploying a lot of troops in the neighbouring countries, and Biden visited Poland to see American troops, and Russian propaganda started saying that Ukraine was developing biological weapons with US money.

Russia-Ukraine live updates, on The Washington Post

Where is the horse and the rider?

Good news for LOTR fans. For the first time, you can take a look at some of the works Tolkien made to complement his books. There are quite a lot of paintings, drawings, some maps and even calligraphy, all of them with descriptions.

Check Out Rarely Seen Paintings by Middle-earth Creator J.R.R. Tolkien, on Tor
Painting, on Tolkien State

And that’s it for the week. Stay safe!

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Featured image from Tolkien State

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