2021 in review: games, books, music, series, films…

Year is almost over, and I want to write a brief recap of some cool things I’ve enjoyed in 2021, in no particular order (but with a “best of the year” in each category, marked in blue): Video games Monster Hunter: Rise This was the first Monster Hunter I played since the PSP era, and…More

The physics of Interstellar: Miller’s Planet

Today I am going to try to explain some of the cool stuff you can see during Interstellar on Miller’s Planet (yes, the one with the giant waves) without using any equation. Let’s see if I can manage to make it easy to follow. When the Endurance crew goes through the wormhole, the first plane…More

A rotten Apple, FPGAs, and more: THE WEEKLY RECAP (2021#49)

One less week to end the year and, as always, it seems that these last weeks before holidays get more and more packed. So much stuff to do and so little time… anyway, on the brief periods of calm, I’ve been reading a lot of cool stuff. Let’s start: Rotten Apple? A couple of weeks…More