The weekly recap (2021#16)

Quite a busy week, but fortunately I still managed to have some time to enjoy really cool stuff.

Lift off!

Just make a small pause and think about this: a couple days ago humanity did its first flight on a different planet. And we did not even were there. Let it sink. I have always been a bit jealous of the generation that lived through the Moon missions, but it seems that we are going to see incredible feats in the following years.

There were some really cool pieces on the Ingenuity helicopter:

Lift off! First flight on Mars launches new way to explore worlds, on

Look at it go!

Really cool article on OpenCulture on how the animation tools in Pixar have evolved through the years. A nice mix between tech and art:

How Pixar’s Movement Animation Became So Realistic: The Technological Breakthroughs Behind the Animation, on

The Times They Are a-Changin’

As we set course for other planets, I think it is time to reflect on the way we are shaping our home. Google released a new feature where you can take a look at some of our planet locations through the last decades, and see how humans have impacted on the landscape. You can take a look at Google Earth (they say they will keep adding info in the future too), and read about it on their blog post.

Long live the 70’s!

This actually happened last week, but I did not realize: Greta Van Fleet has a new album, and its awesome. Late birthday gift! Streaming links: Spotify, Deezer.

And that’s it for the week. Stay safe!

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